Are you struggling to get data, exhausting your sales team and missing the mark when closing deals?

Our 4-stage process allows your business to outsource any or all aspects of new business acquisition.



MRS possess a unique live lead generation database which can provide targeted company data so that your business can perform your own in-house telemarketing. Alternatively, this data can be fed into the other MRS stages, if we are looking after the whole process for you. Using our propriety database, we know that no other data business in the UK can provide as many targeted leads across every business sector. Targeted leads? Locality leads? Filtered leads? Live up to date leads? We can provide all of these. When sourcing UK B2B data, we can refine searches for UK businesses on over 100 data attributes.Read more »


The next stage in our process, using the MRS data, we are able to offer a telemarketing service which turns data leads into qualified leads on behalf of your business. Our traditionally scripted outbound sales calls are performed to generate, and nurture qualified leads with the aim to book prospective client appointments or to give you qualified leads for your sales team to work on. Alternatively, MRS can take these leads directly via live transfer into our dedicated Sales Team.Read more »


MRS has a growing dedicated Sales Team, who are highly experienced, motivated and trained to sell your product or service to prospective clients. Our Sales Executives represent your business in the best possible way to close leads generated allowing them to move along to the onboarding stage. We have a fantastic track record in delivering over expectations, high results and ROI. All of our Sales Executives have significant and demonstratable experience. They are quickly able to adapt whilst talking to the prospective client, so that leads become engaged clients again and again.Read more »


Onboarding takes the engaged customers and fully secures them at this stage. They are then handed to the Business as Usual team. MRS recognise that some businesses need a greater degree of onboarding than others. This could include a client signed letter of engagement, a Direct Debit setting up, or KYC (know your customer) details being gathered. The MRS approach to onboarding takes an 'engaged' client and turns them into what we call a 'married' client. Our unique approach tackles the risk head-on that many businesses face of 'engaged' clients falling out of the pipeline. The MRS team offer all the above so we can hand your business a new 'married' client.Read more »

There are no risks and no hidden fees, you pay only for the client we give you.

It’s a simple concept, you want to increase your client base and need new business, we generate this for you and you pay for the clients that you receive.  We don’t ask you for any set-up or data fees, so there are no big upfront fees, and no risk in trying the concept.

Find out how our unique 4-step process can help grow your business.

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We work solely within Business to Business (B2B) sectors

MRS specialise in helping you increase your new business acquisition no matter what B2B industry you service. We have a wealth of experience providing a complete new business acquisition service or parts of it. Having worked with industries including but not limited to; Payroll, Accounting, Tax Advice, Wealth Protection Services, IT, Business Insurance and Healthcare.

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