Who are we?

Our team is made up of highly skilled individuals that are experienced in generating and delivering great results for your business. Utilising our own proprietory B2B Database and being experts in telemarketing and lead generation, through to extremely efficient Sales Executives who thrive on closing deals and winning you business. It is highly unusual to have all skills under one roof, but this range of skills is exactly what allows us to deliver the results for you.

Mark De Nieffe
Head of Sales

“MRS is a fast moving, exciting and professional environment, with a real mission to provide customers with the best products and services on the market. The unique data generation and MRS 4-stage sales process, equating to a paid client, is something I’ve never seen any other business deliver.”

“I am delighted to offer you something unique for your business that will give you genuine ROI on your investment, allowing you to grow your business with our help”

Having worked within Financial IT and Data companies across London and Qatar, Mark is an expert in building successful sales and operations teams.

As a collective the MRS team is always ready to help you reach your growth desires. Get in touch to talk to our team and discuss your needs or email: sales@mrs.co.uk