Experts in pay per client new business acquisition.

MRS provide a unique pay per client service offering complete new business acquisition to businesses including; qualifying data, generating leads, closing sales and onboarding clients ‘married’ to your business. Our service is unlike any other on the market, we don’t simply generate and sell leads, instead we can provide you with new business where you only pay for the onboarded clients your business receives.

Our unique database generates thousands of prospect companies each day, this extensive data allows us to consistently approach a large number of prospects each day on behalf of your business. Nurturing leads through the sales process, selling your product and services, we take leads over the finishing line.

Different from a Refer-A-Friend or Introducer scheme we don’t ask for any setup fees, individual data fees or continual trailing payments, you only pay for the signed-up clients we deliver.

Why is our business model breaking the mould?

  • No set-up fees
  • No data fees
  • The new business sales acquisition process can be outsourced and looked after all under one roof
  • You can outsource parts of the process to us and integrate this with your in-house processes
  • No exhausted sales team
  • You can grow your customer base without the need to grow your internal sales team
  • Reduced team training costs
  • No risks, pay only for the clients you receive
  • Clients arrive ‘married’ to your business, not merely ‘engaged’

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